New Life offers programs promoting self sufficiency, substance abuse and job training. On any given period NLOM serves nearly 20-40 individuals, including veterans.

Regeneration Process

This program is available after orientation and
Consists of a minimum of nine weeks of intensive study in the areas below:
l. The disease of alcoholism and drug
2. The treatment Of the disease.
3. The recovery and aftercare process.
4. The Twelve Steps

Family Recovery

Family recovery is a six-month program. Clients attend classes that are designed to help bring family members together to deal with the effects that chemical dependency has On the
family unit. Included in this phase are planned activities that will assist the family to heal and become whole again. The activities are developed to initiate discussion on subjects such as:

Human Development

The human development phase of the program
prepares clients and family members for a successful return into the home and community.
The following training is provided:
l. Developing Job Skills.
2. Completing Job Assignments.
3. Writing Resumes.
4. Marketing Job Skills.
5. Developing Public Relations Skills.
6. Leadership Skills.